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They are knitted fabrics whose knit is not completely clear when viewed, which feathers both sides with a number of processes applied to the terry cloth floor, and gives a feeling of soft, plump, warmth. It is generally used as the lining of sweaters, cardigans, coats and coats. It is a highly preferred fabric type in baby clothing.

Explore premium fleece fabric offered by Last Textile, a leading fabric manufacturer in Turkey. Discover our commitment to quality and innovative designs.

As a premier fleece fabric manufacturer in Turkey, Last Textile stands out in the textile industry for its dedication to quality and innovation. Our expertise in producing top-notch fleece fabrics is recognized by both local and international clients. We combine warmth, softness, and durability in our fleece fabrics, making them the ideal choice for various applications, from fashion to functional wear.

At Last Textile, sustainability is at the core of our production. We employ eco-friendly practices to ensure that our manufacturing process is as environmentally conscious as it is efficient. Tailoring to the unique needs of our customers, we also provide customized solutions, ensuring that each order meets our stringent quality standards and our clients’ specific requirements.

For those who value excellence in fabric manufacturing, Last Textile is a trusted partner. Explore our premium fleece fabrics and learn more about our commitment to quality and sustainability at www.lasttextile.com/fleece-fabric-manufacturer-turkey. Join us in setting the benchmark for fabric manufacturing excellence in Turkey.

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