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We meticulously oversee every stage of our production process through state-of-the-art ERP software, ensuring seamless workflow and efficiency. As a premier Turkey manufacturer clothing company, we uphold rigorous quality checks at every phase of production, alongside comprehensive final quality control of our finished garments. From inception to the final product, we continuously assess the efficacy of our processes and workflows. Our dedicated quality team members meticulously ensure that each garment is sourced, designed, manufactured, and delivered in accordance with our exacting quality standards.


Sampling Cad Departmant

Sampling constitutes a crucial stage in product development, wherein a limited number of garments are crafted to align with buyer specifications and secure approval prior to commencing production. These samples serve as tangible representations of pattern accuracy and production quality, showcasing the proficiency of our skills and techniques. Not only do samples facilitate effective communication with buyers regarding styles and products, but they also aid in calculating fabric consumption, thread usage, and other accessory requirements.

Our dedicated department meticulously executes sample creation based on specifications and requirements outlined in the tech pack provided by the buyer. Various types of samples are produced, including Proto Sample, Fit Sample, Pre Production Sample, Pre Size Set, Size Set, Salesman Sample, and Shipment Sample.

To ensure precision and efficiency in pattern design and editing, we employ the latest GERBER AccuMark Pattern Design System (PDS), a sophisticated computer-aided system. Our CAD department oversees crucial functions such as determining cutting averages for costing, creating efficient cutting markers, pattern development and alterations, size set pattern development through grading, positioning of embroidered and printed items, and digitizing patterns.


Cutting Departmant

Spreading: Spreading involves laying plies of fabric on a horizontal table in a manner that allows simultaneous cutting into product components suitable for assembly. This process can be carried out manually or automatically using a spreading machine.

Automatic Cutting: Our state-of-the-art automatic Cutter system swiftly cuts the fabric lay using pre-loaded nested patterns, prepared via Automated Nesting Software. This automated process is five times faster than manual cutting methods.

Manual Cutting: For manual cutting, electrically powered straight knife cutting machines are employed. These machines follow pattern lines on the marker, with a reciprocating blade progressively cutting fabric pieces. Notches are added for alignment. For precise cutting of smaller components like collars and ribs, a band knife-cutting machine is utilized. This non-portable device cuts fabric as it passes across the blade.

Jacquard, stripes, and checks require manual spreading due to the need for precise pattern matching, which cannot be achieved with spreading machines.


Embroidery Departmant

The embroidery department receives the garment’s cut parts, along with style specifications and embroidery details in hard copy format. The design undergoes scanning and digitization (punching) using Embroidery CAD software, and is saved in machine-readable format. Following the loading of the digitized design onto the sampling machine, a sample is produced for approval prior to commencing bulk production. Upon confirmation of sample accuracy regarding positioning, thread colors, quality, and backing materials, mass production commences.

Once embroidery is completed for the initial batch of cut parts, they proceed to the trimming and checking section of the embroidery department. Following thorough inspection and quality control, embroidered items are forwarded back for stitching.


Sewing Departmant

The sorted bundles of cut parts are transported from the cutting department to the production line, where the sewing process takes place. Beginning with handling, sewing is a critical initial step in production. Last Textile maintains its own in-house stitching unit to uphold stringent quality control throughout the manufacturing process. Sewing stations are designated for stitching various components of the cut pieces. These sewn parts, such as sleeves or pant legs, are then assembled together to form the final clothing product.


Finishing Departmant

The finishing department, positioned as the final phase in our production line, holds paramount importance in determining the ultimate appearance of the garment. Comprising several key steps, this department ensures meticulous attention to detail and quality control. These steps primarily include Trimming, Inspection, Semi-pressing, Pressing, Tagging, Packing, Solid Packing, Ratio Packing, and Mixed Packing.

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Material Selection

Our journey toward excellence commences with meticulous material selection. We prioritize sourcing the finest fibers, emphasizing sustainability and durability. Each material chosen is a testament to our commitment to comfort and longevity.

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Design and Prototyping

Our designs stem from a blend of creativity and market research. Prototyping is where these concepts materialize, undergoing rigorous testing to meet our stringent standards.


Cutting-Edge Manufacturing

Central to our operations is our cutting-edge manufacturing facility. With the latest technology at our disposal, precision converges with productivity. Every stitch, cut, and seam embodies our unwavering attention to detail.

On Time Delivery

Quality Control

Quality is ingrained in our ethos. From inception to completion, our rigorous quality control processes ensure that each item surpasses our exacting standards.

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Packaging and Distribution

We package our products with utmost care, ensuring they arrive in pristine condition. Teaming up with dependable logistics partners, we ensure timely delivery to our clients worldwide.


The Last Textile Way!

At Last Textile, our production processes are the cornerstone of our commitment to quality and innovation. We take pride in a manufacturing journey that not only meets industry standards but sets new benchmarks. Our approach is a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, ensuring that every product from Last Textile is a testament to durability, style, and comfort.

Why Choose Last Textile?

Choosing Last Textile means partnering with a manufacturer who understands the importance of every detail. Our production processes are not just about making textiles; they’re about creating experiences, ensuring every piece we produce resonates with our promise of quality, innovation, and sustainability.

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Discover the difference that precision makes. With Last Textile, step into a world where every thread counts and every product tells a story. Contact us to learn more about our production processes and how we can contribute to your success.

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